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Welcome To My Blog Debut November 12, 2008

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Blogging…. Today is the first day I have ever attempted such a thing. I know I say “thing” as if it is some alien form of lifestyle, which for a long time that is exactly what I thought.

I find the whole idea interesting; millions of strangers all over the world reaching out to one another about various topics ranging from their kids to their wildest passions. Each one with a different opinion, belief, and desire all coming together under the umbrella of communicating “incognito”.

Personally, I am a communicator, one that likes to touch, feel, and hear the reactions of those that I am reaching out to. There is nothing better to me than a room filled with those I love, and even those I do not know, sharing the trivial details of my life and listening to their antics and stories.

I suppose I should probably explain what inspired my change in thought and my desire to enter this world that for so long I have chosen not to be a part of. It or shall I say he is my husband, Tom. He has been a “blogger” for a couple of years now.  So, for many years I have watched him write to the world about every funny moment, family crisis, crazy holiday and chaotic vacation, that my family and I have ever endured. Many of his stories have made me laugh, and some have made me cry, but most of all as I read his blog, I am reminded that I am blessed. For better and for worse, our journey has been rich filled with treasures and irreplaceable jewels. There is not a day I would give up or trade. Not another life I would wish to own. It is mine, and for that I am delighted.

I am not a scholar, a poet, or a specialist of any kind. I am just a mom and a wife, a daughter and a sister, a cook, a maid, a provider of hugs and band-aids for scraped hands and knees, a dog walker, a chauffeur, a decorator, a financial adviser and on the side, a general manager for a woman’s clothing store. My life is typical and exciting all wrapped up into one.  But life has just gotten more exciting because now it includes you. Welcome! Take a seat, grab your cup and come into my life. Tell me your thoughts as I share with you mine, although different and diverse, all are welcome, all opinions respected and all advise is free.


One Response to “Welcome To My Blog Debut”

  1. malathionman Says:

    Good luck in the world of blogging! That husband of yours sounds like a great guy.

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